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Let me start off by introducing myself. My name is Abigail, I am a Fashion enthusiast in all senses of the word. Having worked as both a designer and a model I have plenty of insight into the ever-changing industry. You can find my experience via the portfolio section on this website.I am currently a full-time freelance model and am loving it, having worked with agencies in the past, and not had great experiences, being freelance is a welcomed change! I am loving being self-employed and in control of my own career.


This is something I will be constantly discussing via my blog, I want to support other young girls that are looking to break into the fashion industry by talking about my experiences and opinions. Just remember that no one will push for your success better than yourself!


I have a passion for Travel, this urge to hop on the nearest plane most certainly comes from my mother! I intend to find the best destinations, with the most unique experiences and review the most well known and under-the-radar hotels, so that you don’t have to. Via my travel blog posts you will be able to find complete guides to destinations as well as hotel and restaurant reviews.